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Multiplying and Dividing
* The Best Stuff for Multiplying & Dividing
* Sharing Big Numbers
* Teams
Discover the Basics - Multiplying & Dividing

Adding and Subtracting
* Addition, Subtraction, & Place Value
* The Best Stuff for Adding & Subtracting
Discover the Basics - Adding & Subtracting

Fractions and Decimals
* Fractions & Decimals

Percents, Ratios, and Rates
* Percents, Ratios, & Rates

Access to Algebra
* Discover the Basics - Equations!
* Discover the Basics - Negative Numbers
* Discover the Basics - Squares, Roots, & Exponents

Organizing and Graphing Data
* Organizing & Graphing Data

Measurement and Geometry
* Measurement & Geometry
* Discover the Basics - Perimeter, Area, & Volume

California Math Supplement
* Grade 3

Math Intervention Strategies

How it Works
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California Grade 3 Math Supplement

563: California Grade 3 Math Supplement, 560 pages - $59.95

Even your most challenged students can master the new Common Core math standards with this remarkable new book.  Manipulable graphics give students the pictures and stories they need to make sense of basic multiplication and division, and make multi-digit multiplication effective and conceptually connected. Even the distributive property is presented as something real that can be seen and felt. The picture-rich incremental approach to clock reading makes learning inescapable, and the innovative, hands-on lessons make fractions come alive in the students' imaginations.

Student Ideal for school, homeschool, and tutoring, This edition includes photocopying rights.
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Callifonia Grade 3 Math Supplement
California Grade 3 Math Supplement, tiles
Calfornia Grade 3 Math Supplement California Grade 3 Math Supplement
Keyed to the new California State Standards
* Built on the documented success of the Mastery Learning
approach in measureably
raising student achievement scores
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