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Count, Notice, & Remember
Principles and Techniques
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Build student conceptual and procedural confidence and competence, with the
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Discover the Basics and Count, Notice, & Remember topics
Adding & Subtracting
  • Session #1: The $10 Chart
  • Session #2: ...Plus 1 Partner Page
Multiplying & Dividing
  • Session #1: The MLS Number Line
  • Session #2: Soccer Teams
  • Session #3: Partner or Folding Pages
Squares, Roots, & Exponents
  • Session #1: The SquareMaker
CNR Principles and Techniques
  • Session #1: Guided Discovery
  • Session #2: The Progress Chart
What's it About

For Classroom, Homeschool, and Tutored Learning. The Discover the Basics Video Podcasts are concept and skill based, not grade based, so you can refer to the podcasts across ages and grades to discover how to quickly introduce, reinforce, or review the basics. Featured as "New and Notable" at iTunes its first week up.

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Count, Notice, & Remember
Session #1 - Guided Discovery
Rather than explaining and modeling concepts and procedures, Guided Discovery is the process of guiding students in their discovery of math concepts and procedures on a graphic representation through short, narrowly focused questions and tasks.
Session #2 - The Progress Chart
Develop fluency hand-in-hand with understanding, connected to context, concept, and concrete experience without drills, tricks. or stress.
Adding & Subtracting
Session #1 - The $10 Chart
Give students an experience of addition concepts, procedures, and amounts they'll remember, building fluency with understanding.
Session #2 - ...Plus 1 Partner Page
The Plus 1 partner page reinforces student work with the $10 Chart as they re-construct and re-experience, with specific problems to solve, the basic concepts, procedures, and facts of addition.
Multiplying & Dividing
Session #1 - The Mastery Learning Systems Number Line
The MLS Number Line has a purposeful look to it. Numbers are continuous and so is our Number Line. Groups are not preconstructed so students can use the Number Line to construct and discover all groups and multiple groups.
Session #2 - The Soccer Teams Chart
Students easily construct and experience groups of 11 and develop an amount sense. They build a memory of 11s born of any understanding of the grouping process and the 3 How Manys of multiplication, how many in each group, how many groups, how many altogether.
Session #3 - The Partner or Folding Pages
Connect manipulation with computation. Reinforce student work with the graphics pages, like the Number Line and Soccer Teams chart, by re-constructing and re-experiencing. This is how fluency is built without drills or tricks.
Squares, Roots, & Exponents
Session #1 - The SquareMaker
Explore the MLS SquareMaker for visualizing and building context driven memory of squares and roots. Students get the picture.
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