K-8 Guided Student Discovery Math
for small group, whole class, homeschool, and tutoring
Professional Development - MLS Workshops are Designed for Educators by Educators
* All of Our Workshops Carry Continuing Education Credit *

Different (better) results require a different (and proven) approach

Our staff development programs enable teachers, tutors, and parents to guide students in achieving conceptual clarity and procedural fluency without stress. We bring our experience and proven content to work with you on your questions and needs.

No specialized knowledge is necessary. In the MLS Experience, Notice, and Remember approach, mathematical concepts are not explained to students and procedures are not modelled. Instead teachers learn to guide students in their own discovery of the concepts and procedures and to solve problems using our graphics and pictures.

Fluency is connected to this discovery process as teachers learn how to use specifically designed pages that follow each graphic page. There are questions on these pages, which cause students to notice and think about the concepts and there are problems which reinforce conceptual clarity and build computational fluency.

Workshop Topics and Recommended Grade Levels

General Topics

  • Filling Concept & Skill Gaps for Older Students
    • grade 7 and above
  • Integration of Intervention Techniques into the Regular Curriculum
    • any grade
  • Differentiate challenge level, for adapting to different types and levels of learners
    • any grade
  • Adapt Intervention for Special Education and English Language Learners
    • any grade
  • Parent Workshops/Family Math Night
    • any grade

Math Concept Topics

  • Recognizing Amounts and Numerals; Learning to Count; Basic Addition and Subtraction
    • Kindergarten, remedial first grade
  • Adding & Subtracting (with Regrouping); Place Value; Telling Time; Counting with Coins; Even & Odd
    • grade 1, grade 2
  • Multiplying & Dividing up to 12 x 12: Concept, Fluency, Application
    • grade 3, remedial grades 4 and above
  • Multiplying & Dividing with Larger Numbers: Concept, Fluency, Application; Place Value; Rounding
    • grades 3-4, remedial grades 5 and above
  • Fractions and Decimals
    • grade 3-6, remedial grade 7 and above
  • Percents, Rates, & Ratios
    • grade 5 and above
  • Area, Perimeter, and Volume
    • grade 5 and above
  • Negative Numbers; Squares, Roots, and Exponents
    • grade 5 and above
  • Handling Equations
    • grade 5 and above
  • Organizing and Graphing Data
    • grade 5 and above

Format and Pricing

All workshops
  • include instruction in the CNR pedagogy (clarifying concepts and developing fluency)
  • include classroom demonstration lessons
  • include topics specifically requested by teachers
  • include guided exploration of a variety of lessons on the selected topic
  • include formal, informal, and ongoing assessment techniques
  • address the integration of intervention techniques into the regular curriculum
  • model differentiation of challenge level, for adapting to different types and levels of learners
  • can be adapted for Special Education, English Language Learners, and older students
  • utilize CNR supplemental materials in order to give challenged students access to their regular math curriculum
Workshops can be scheduled for
  • one day of initial training + one day of follow-up
  • two days of initial training + one day of follow-up
  • one week of initial training + one week of follow-up
  • two weeks of initial training + one week of follow-up
  • $750 per day + travel expenses (ask for estimate)
  • $3,000 per week + travel expenses
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