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Squares, Roots, & Exponents Introduction, 1 Introductory Lesson (I)
9 Complete Sections (C), The Whole Book (WB)
SRE Introduction (to get the most out of the lessons in this book)
Helpful math teaching and learning ideas, how the book is laid out, learning squares, roots, & exponents, plus a few model lesson guides (8 pages) - $1.99
Basic Concepts
C - Picturing and defining square numbers and roots, developing fluency, differentiating multiplication and squared notation, variables (13 pages) - $3.49
Four Operations (for long-term memory and flexible mathematical thought)
C - Multiplying squared roots, dividing squares and roots, adding & subtracting square roots, squaring sums and differences, division vs roots (23 pages) - $5.99
Area of Circles (apply earlier sections to solving measurement problems)
C - Includes estimating squares of decimal mixed numbers and estimating roots that are not whole numbers (18 pages) - $4.49
Factoring with Square Roots
C - Exploring relationship between multiplication, division, factors and roots, squares & roots of larger numbers, factoring larger numbers (19 pages) - $4.99
Squares and Roots with Decimals
C - Picturing squares with decimals, developing fluency with decimal squares and roots (8 pages) - $1.99
Irrational Numbers (squares roots of 2, 5, 10, factoring irrational numbers)
C - Picturing relative magnitude of decimal mixed numbers, root of 2, using roots of 2, 5, 10 in calculating hypotenuse, rational vs irrational (7 pages) - $1.99
Dealing with Like and Unlike Terms
C - Adding/subtracting to/from squared numbers, substitution, multiplying squares, multiplying/adding to squared variables, subtracting from squared variables, adding/subtracting groups of squares, combining groups of cubed numbers, using exponents larger than 3 (20 pages) - $5.99
C - Calculating with exponents, picturing powers of 2, calculating with powers of 2, 3, 4, 5, the zero power, fluency with powers of 2, multiplying/dividing with exponents, picturing negative exponents, fluency with negative powers of 2, differentiating negative exponents and squared negative numbers (23 pages) - $5.99
Scientific Notation, Introduction
I - Understanding and fluency with positive and negative powers of 10, scientific notation intro, scientific notation with decimals (6 pages) - $1.79
WB - Discover the Basics - Squares, Roots, & Exponents, Teacher - $39.95
WB - Discover the Basics - Squares, Roots, & Exponents, Home - $24.95
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