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Equations! - 10 Complete Sections with practice and answer keys
The Basic Equation Concept plus Adding and Subtracting
What is an equation, what is equal, doing the opposite, working left to right, right to left, variables, substitution, the 4 Steps (isolating the variable) (85 pages) - $12
Equations with Multiplication and Division
Substitution with multiplication and division, making up equations, commutative property, doing the opposite, the 4 steps, negative numbers (85 pages) - $12
Equations with Two Operations
Two operations, with variables, mixing +, -, x, รท, (45 pages) - $6.25
Gathering Terms, Order of Operations, Variables on Both Sides
Coefficients, associative property, order of operations, equations with mixed operations, working with variables on both sides of the equation (39 pages) - $5.50
Equations with Fractions
Reciprocals, fraction review - whole and partial amounts, fractions of variables, multiplying reciprocals, fractions as coefficients (60 pages) - $8.50
Equations with the Distributive Property
Distributive property, with fractions, with negative numbers, with variables, substitution, factoring, combining similar multiplication (119 pages) - $16.75
Equations with Two Variables
Combining equations, factoring, place and action, comparing amounts (greater than), ordered pairs (39 pages) - $5.50
Solving Systems of Equations with Substitution
Introduction to the concepts, preparation skills, meaning of variables, variables without coefficients, negative numbers (61 pages) - $8.50
Solving Systems of Equations with Elimination
Preparation skills, whole numbers, two variables in each equation (46 pages) - $6.50
WB - Discover the Basics - Equations!, Teacher (300 pages) - $59.95
Coming Soon
WB - Discover the Basics - Equations!, Home (300 pages) - $39.95
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