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Multiplying and Dividing
* The Best Stuff for Multiplying & Dividing
* Sharing Big Numbers
* Teams
Discover the Basics - Multiplying & Dividing

Adding and Subtracting
* Addition, Subtraction, & Place Value
* The Best Stuff for Adding & Subtracting
Discover the Basics - Adding & Subtracting

Fractions and Decimals
* Fractions & Decimals

Percents, Ratios, and Rates
* Percents, Ratios, & Rates

Access to Algebra
* Discover the Basics - Equations!
* Discover the Basics - Negative Numbers
* Discover the Basics - Squares, Roots, & Exponents
*Access to Algebra

Organizing and Graphing Data
* Organizing & Graphing Data

Measurement and Geometry
* Measurement & Geometry
* Discover the Basics - Perimeter, Area, & Volume

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300 pages - $59.95 Teacher Edition, $39.95 Home Edition

Mastering equations involves more than memorizing rules and working lots of problems. This book enables students—step by step—to understand why equations exist, what they mean, how to picture them, what stories they represent, and how to work with them. New ideas, skills, and special vocabulary are introduced in simple ways that students can comprehend, using their natural amount sense to inform their growing sense of procedure. Meaningful repetition (with innovative practice formats!), at a comfortable pace builds confidence and accuracy, helping pupils to remember what they learn.

Home Ideal for homeschool instruction, parents wanting to support their child's school work and,
Teacher teachers wanting to introduce or consolidate concepts. The teacher edition includes photocopying rights.
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  • Students will finally practice with understanding:
    - What an Equation Means
    - Variables
    - Properties
    - Coefficients
    - Substitition
    - Order of Operations
    - Gathering Like Terms
    - Equations with 2 Operations
    - Equations with Negative Numbers and Fractions
    - Systems of Equations

Sample Pages

Watch our podcast, "Soccer Teams" to see how MLS employs a graphic representation of concepts and procedures to provide a visual, tactile experience. In this method, students

  • discover the concept,
  • construct and experience amounts,
  • connect manipulation with computation,
  • self-correct, and
  • build a mastery of the concept of multiplication and division without rote drills or tricks.

Also watch our podcast on "The Progress Chart" to see how to use the chart, used throughout the book. It is a fun, no stress way to build understanding and fluency.

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