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Fractions and Decimals
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Fractions and Decimals Introduction, 8 Individual Chapters (C)
Fractions and Decimals Intro (get the most out of the lessons in this book)
Helpful math teaching and learning ideas, how the book is laid out, learning fractions and decimals, plus a few model lesson guides (20 pages) - $2.29
Introduction to Fractions
C - Identifying and drawing fractions, numerator and denominator, comparing, fractions of money, hours, and years, number line fractions (56 pages) - $6.29
Equivalent Fractions, Operations on Like Fractions
C - Add/subtract like fractions, determine equivalent fractions, what is needed to create a whole, hundredths, multiply/divide fractions by whole #s (59 pages) - $6.49
Mixed Numbers, Improper Fractions
C - Add/subtract and compare mixed numbers, locate mixed numbers on a number line, add/subtract, compare, reduce improper fractions (110 pages) - $12.29
Renaming and Finding Common Denominators
C - Rename equivalent fractions, add/subtract, multiply/divide to find common denominators and reduce them, add with unlike denominators (126 pages) - $13.99
Multiplying Fractions and Canceling
C - Multiplying whole numbers by fractions, cancel and cross-divide, multiply fractions times fractions (98 pages) - $10.79
Dividing by a Fraction
C - Divide whole numbers by fractions, divide fractions by fractions - learn why to invert and multiply (32 pages) - $3.59
Introduction to Decimals
C - Compare fraction 10ths and 100ths to decimals, locate decimals on a number line, add/subtract decimals, practice with money (56 pages) - $6.29
Multiplying and Dividing with Decimals
C - Multiply/divide with decimals, covert fractions to decimals, thousandths in baseball averages, smaller decimals - ten-thousandths (88 pages) - $9.69
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