K-8 Guided Student Discovery Math
for small group, whole class, homeschool, and tutoring
Guide students in their discovery of concepts and procedures with
Discover the Basics
Loaded with hands-on lessons and parent and teacher guides
Students build a mathematical context derived fluency with concepts, procedures, and facts without rote drills, memorization tricks, or stress.

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How it Works
Discover and Perfect the power of Guided Student Discovery

Why use Discover the Basics math intervention series?
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  • NEW!! Equations! - Say goodbye to problems with Algebra. This book enables students—step by step—to understand why equations exist, what equations mean, how to picture them, what stories they represent, and how to work with them. New ideas, skills, and special vocabulary are introduced in simple ways that students understand.
  • Many students move on to the next lesson or next grade with some procedure or knowledge gaps. Turn to Discover the Basics to
    quickly build fluency resulting from understanding and not tricks or drills?
  • Math programs provide students with enrichment and real world application. Go to Discover the Basics to quickly review or reinforce the basics so all students have access to that enrichment?
  • Even with the best of curriculums, too many students are left behind. A
    fresh and economical approach to a specific concept is often needed. Turn to Discover the Basics for proven support for your current math curriculum.
  • Trying again, or trying harder with the same lessons in the classroom, special ed, summer school, or tutoring program, or at home will not produce better results. The fresh approach found in Discover the Basics will produce the results you're looking for.
  • In this series, students construct and experience concepts like why 3.14 is used for "pi" and what it "looks like" to multiply it. They "get the picture." Where needed, the volumes also provide a review of prior skills necessary for the work in that volume.
Teacher and CD*
Adding & Subtracting
All others

Special Introductory Offer
Adding & Subtracting, Per, Area, Vol All others

Adding & Subtracting
All others

Special Introductory Offer

Adding & Subtracting, Per, Area, Vol
All others

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*The Teacher edition is sold as a photocopy master and comes on CD or in a three-ring binder to facilitate photocopying. The Home edition includes everything in the teacher edition, except it does not include the license to photocopy. It comes in a three-ring binder to facilitate the work.

New Discover the Basics Volumes Coming
  • Graphing
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Percent
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Distance, Rate, & Time
  • Interest, Marking Up and Down
  • Subtracting with Regrouping
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