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* The Best Stuff for Adding & Subtracting
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Adding and Subtracting

542: Discover the Basics - Adding & Subtracting,
200 pages - $45.95 Teacher Edition $29.95 Home Edition

Built on the proven success of "The Best Stuff for Adding and Subtracting," this volume zeros in on the fundamental concepts of adding and subtracting - including facts families and doubles. Students practice and perfect their understanding and fluency with a variety of visual/tactile formats, mastering addition and subtraction with equal ease. This volume covers adding and subtracting with single digits up to 100 and pays attention to prerequisite skills, such as learning to count past 10 with a structural sense of place value.

Home Ideal for homeschool instruction, parents wanting to support their child's school work and,
Teacher teachers wanting to introduce or consolidate concepts. The teacher edition includes photocopying rights.
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Do you know why your students are having a problem with a particular number family or procedure?

  • Are they not sure of what number comes next or before?
  • Can they recite memorized sequences stating that 23 follows 22, but they don't know what follows 32 or 42?
  • Can they accurately construct a problem on a numberline or graphic? Do they know what the problem means?
  • At each level of development, can they think mathematically? Do they recognize that
    8 + 3 is like 8 + 2 + 1, which is like 10 + 1?
  • Do they have a mental image that supports their understanding of why 7 + 1 and 1 + 7 both equal 8?

This volume helps you identify conceptual and procedural problems and address them.

Here are some sample pages from the book.

* Built on the documented success of the 1999 California State adopted The Best Stuff for Adding, and Subtracting in raising student achievement scores

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