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Adding and Subtracting

512: The Best Stuff for Adding & Subtracting,
420 pages - $74.95

This is an ideal resource for remedial students, K - 2. There is a lot of material for students to learn to recognize amounts and numerals, and learn to count with a built-in sense of place value. The concepts of addition and subtraction are made abundantly clear with a variety of tactile/visual manipulative strategies. Fluency with the facts is developed from the basis of understanding born of experience. Also addressed is regrouping (borrowing and carrying) missing addends, place value with larger numbers, reading clocks, and even and odd numbers.

Sample Chapter Headings

  • Plus and Minus 1, Plus and Minus 10
  • Things That Make Up 10 and 20
  • Plus and Minus 2, Plus and Minus 20
  • Regrouping: Carrying Multiple Digits
  • Plus and Minus 8, 80, 800, 8000


The 1999 California State adopted Adding and Subtracting supplemental text.
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