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* The Best Stuff for Adding & Subtracting
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Adding and Subtracting

531: Addition, Subtraction, & Place Value, 573 pages - $79.95

This volume helps students learn how to count, recognize amounts and numerals, distinguish even from odd, read clocks, and establish a meaningfully fluent sense of addition, subtraction, place value and regrouping. Special number lines, money and other graphics, and related work pages guide the students from exploration to mastery. Every problem has related graphics that can be touched and counted to reveal a tangible answer and a sensible process. Lesson guides are included, as well as diagnostic tests.

Teacher Ideal for school, homeschool, and tutoring, This edition includes photocopying rights.
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Completely Updated - With All New Teacher Lesson Guides
sample chapter headings

  • Plus and Minus 1, Plus and Minus 10
  • Things That Make Up 10 and 20
  • Plus and Minus 2, Plus and Minus 20
  • Regrouping: Carrying Multiple Digits
  • Plus and Minus 8, 80, 800, 8000


Watch our podcast on "The Progress Chart" to see how to use the chart, shown on one of the pages here, to improve performance and not merely measure it.
Keyed to the new California State Intervention Standards
* Built on the documented success of its addition and subtraction predecessor in
raising student achievement scores
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