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Multiplying and Dividing
* The Best Stuff for Multiplying & Dividing
* Sharing Big Numbers
* Teams
Discover the Basics - Multiplying & Dividing

Adding and Subtracting
* Addition, Subtraction, & Place Value
* The Best Stuff for Adding & Subtracting
Discover the Basics - Adding & Subtracting

Fractions and Decimals
* Fractions & Decimals

Percents, Ratios, and Rates
* Percents, Ratios, & Rates

Access to Algebra
* Discover the Basics - Equations!
* Discover the Basics - Negative Numbers
* Discover the Basics - Squares, Roots, & Exponents
*Access to Algebra

Organizing and Graphing Data
* Organizing & Graphing Data

Measurement and Geometry
* Measurement & Geometry
* Discover the Basics - Perimeter, Area, & Volume

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Multiplying and Dividing with Regrouping

532: Sharing Big Numbers, 350 pages - $59.95

Special arrays, money graphics, and number lines provide a brief review of place value, addition and subtraction with regrouping, and basic multiplication and division, followed by a conceptual introduction to long multiplication and division. Rounding and estimation are presented in very tangible ways. The folding-page partner format develops fluency in mental math, and in connecting context, concept, manipulation, and computation. Scripted directions and ongoing assessment formats are included.

Completely Updated - With All New Teacher Lesson Guides
sample chapter headings

  • Ten Times as Much
  • Sharing, With Leftovers up to 9 x 9
  • Getting Into Long Division
  • Getting Serious with Double Digits

With this book, students build fluency the same way we remember our way around a new city: we drive around, a lot, look around, notice where things are, and gradually develop familiarity, confidence, and ability.

Keyed to the new California State Intervention Standards
* Built on the documented success of its 1999 CA State adopted predecessor in
raising student achievement scores

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